Friday, January 21, 2011

Remembering to Contact

I found a local Company that works for me. It creates cards, including my pictures, for all occasions. I can also send gifts. I do this from my home on my own computer. Of course, I use a premier software program. It is the best that I have ever seen and used. I’ve tried, “Make Your Own Card” software, and realized that I needed paper, ink, stamps, envelopes and a trip to the post office. I even tried on-line free e-cards, with little variety or pizzazz. I wanted something better!

Here is the best: Available are postcards, 2-fold greeting cards, 3-fold message or advertising cards and others to many to name. You have a choice of fonts, size, color of printed words, and placement of photos – with or without text, bubbles and backgrounds.

Included is a back-office for your name and address lists, with areas for titles, groups, selections for creating repeat cards to send [pre-selected by date to mail out]. Cards and gifts can be scheduled to send monthly, weekly, or by selected dates individually.

Informational ‘How To’s are located under the Support area. Just click and you will accomplish all the task options. It is so easy and convenient, with You-tube videos.

Extra from the company are gifts, credit cards, toys, books, clothes, jewelry, animal gifts, and many other selections to mail with your card for any occasion or any reason. My favorites are brownies, cookies, chocolates and flowers for presents or just a Thank You. Party invitations, and birth or wedding announcements too!

The Company Founder Kody Bateman says: "When you act on a prompting you can change someone’s life. Our convenient system lets you send that birthday, anniversary or Thank you card without the hassle of pen, paper, stamps, envelopes or mailboxes. Sending a card has never been so easy! With just the click of a button, you can choose your custom card, add a personal photo, write your message and click send. We print, stuff, stamp and mail the physical card for you."

"You can also earn Residual Income from Cards & Gifts Purchased. This Company--SendOutCards is all about improving lives, and a big part of that is financial freedom. The income opportunity provides you with exactly that. As you share the SendOutCards system with others, you'll be able to earn bonuses from your sales. As you build an organization of preferred customers and other licensed entrepreneurs, you'll earn a retail profit on points purchased towards cards and gifts by your team."

"Imagine the residual income you can create in only a few years! The best part of all is that you'll be able to make new friends, host home parties, and earn extra income each month. With the party format and your own creativity, the possibilities are endless!"

"At this time, you'll receive $140 every time someone purchases an Entrepreneur or Wholesale Package Plus, and that amount only increases as you rank advance. Commission bonuses are paid weekly! Wake up on Saturday at check your balance."

"Whether you want to enjoy the convenience of designing and posting your cards from home or making and extra income, this is the company for you."

Go To:HTTPs:// and create a card for someone you love or miss. "You will see how easy and time saving this is. You can also sign up right on-line while in the computer program."

I challenge you to send out a card-a-day and a gift each week. WOW! Your family, friends, and clients will really appreciate you.

Your business will increase. Your blessings will double and triple, because you cared! Congratulations, you win!